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Micro PIP

Public Investment Program (PIP) Division is one of the newly created divisions under the new DIRD structure within the Program Implementation Wing (PIW) as per the NEC Decision No: NG 18/2011 paragraph three (3). The division is headed by FAS – Public Investment Program (PIP), and has a total of six (6) staff on strength.

The PIP division has the key functional responsibility of coordinating Public Invest Program (PIP) programs at the micro levels. It facilitates PIP under K10 million submitted by the public including sub-national administrations for funding by the State through the annual budgetary process.

PIP Proposal Submission

—Micro PIP proposals are documented in the Project Formulation Document (PFD) – feasibility studies, costing, quotations, technical assessments

—Central and line agencies, Institutions  and District and Provincial authorities can submit proposals

—DIRD Technical Screening Committee (TCS) appraise proposals meeting requirements and consolidated selected projects within government prioritized areas.

—Projects requiring grant assistance and or loan financing are dealt with Foreign Aid and Reform Division of DIRD.

PIP Project Documentation Requirements


—Project Formulation Document (PFD)

—Endorsement from respective  Member of Parliament or Administrator/CEO

—Endorsement from relevant authorities

—PFD attachments

o   Logical Framework

o   Risk management table

o   Implementation schedule

o   Cost schedule

Optional documents depending on the nature of the project to PFD

—Land agreement

Scope of work

—Bill of quantities

—Quotation from suppliers

—Curriculum vitae of key personnel

—Any other supporting document

Micro PIP Submission and Vetting Procedures

Following procedures should be adhered to;

—Proposal should be submitted to the Secretary for Department of Implementation and Rural Development before 30 June. Submitted proposal should be registered before technical officers from DIRD screen and appraise it.

If the proposal does not meet all selected criteria, the proponent would be notified accordingly.

—If the proposal is good in nature but substantive procedures are not included, will be reverted to the proponent for improvement before re-submission.

—Proposals that meet necessary requirements would be appraised and then passed to Project Screening Committee (PSC) for further deliberation and action.

Micro PIP Disbursement Procedures

Drawdown of the funds be proceeded according to the following procedures                                                                                                                                                                  
Respective national agencies/ provincial administrations will be requested to submit annual implementation plans and cash flows based on allocations indicated in the PFD by the 31st November each year.  

—Details of payment should be recorded in the DIRD Cheque Release Form and approved by Project Steering Committee.

—All Micro PIP warrant release from Treasury Dept.

—DIRD checks the submitted cash flows and implementation schedules against the approved Project Formulation Document (PFD) to ensure that deliverables are on target

—During the year draw-downs or changes to agreed appropriations for projects and programs will be subject to quarterly performance reviews of the Development and Recurrent Budgets. Particular emphasis will be given to positive project performance during the quarters and the justification provided for requests for additional funds.

—It is the mandatory requirement for DIRD with relevant agencies to ensure that projects are rolled out as expected.  

If officials compose of DIRD, SIP monitoring team, and other agencies are not satisfied for the work done, then contractors can be forfeited and money shall return to consolidated revenue.

Micro PIP Implementation and Monitoring

—Project implementation should commence after the first payment to contractors and service provider.

—DIRD monitoring team with other relevant authorities such as DPLGA, DoT and AG officers would follow up on projects implementation. Source of information would be based on PIP funds allocation and disbursement to various projects.

— If officials compose of DIRD, SIP monitoring team, and other agencies are not satisfied with the work done, then contractors can be forfeited and money shall return to consolidated revenue.

Micro PIP Reporting

For reports on projects completed, the following information shall form the structure of the Standard Project Completion Report by the Project Proponents to DIRD:

¡  Executive Summary – Including Physical and Financial Status.

¡  Introduction

¡  Project Description, Activities implemented and Costs

¡  Details of Project Output Achieved and Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Project Impact and Outcomes Achieved

¡  Problems Encountered and Lessons Learnt

¡  Recommendations and Way forward.

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