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To be the most effective and efficient public service provider intent on creating a more equitable, dynamic and sustainable rural sector in order that livelihoods of majority of people improve as the country progresses.


The DIRD’S Mission is to facilitate, coordinate, monitor and evaluate: the implementation of the rural interventions and appropriate Public Investment Programs (PIP); the formulation and coordination of Rural Development Program and policies; and assist in facilitating the Central Agency Co-ordination Committee (CACC) reform processes and their implementation aimed at improving the livelihood of rural families and communities.


The DIRD values having a highly professional, disciplined and performing team that:

1.    Shares a sense of common vision, mission and purpose;
2.    Respects and accepts differences of opinion and expression;
3.    Allows for controlled risk taking and creativity;
4.    Upholds professional and high personal performance standards and believes that each individual is part of a cohesive and efficient working team;
5.    Rewards  high productivity and excellence where it is due; and
6.    Adheres to and promotes good governance and best practices.
The DIRD shall develop a professional and committed workforce that is trustworthy, taking an active interest in promoting the career development of its workforce.

The DIRD shall uphold and promote respect for the natural and cultural environments. It shall foster  respect  for  cultural  diversity devoid of gender bias,  and  allow  for  a  diverse  workforce dedicated to serving the rural and marginalized urban people. The  Department believes  that service  delivery  systems can  be  improved,  and  it  shall  work  at effecting such improvement within its areas of jurisdiction.

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