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Five year Development Plan & new LLG Chamber for Gazelle district


The five year district development plan 2013- 2017 with a budget value of K640.50 million for Gazelle district in East New Britain Province was launched last Friday in Vunapalading ward 2 village, Inland Baining LLG.


The plan 2013-2017 aimed at transforming Gazelle into wealthy, healthy and prosperous district that will ignite sustainable socio-economic development activities in the district by 2017 and beyond was officially launched by National Planning Minister Hon. Charles Abel.


High powered delegation of senior government ministers include Treasurer Hon. Patrick Pruaitch, Correctional Service Minister Hon. Jim Simitab, Member for Kairuku Hiri Hon. Peter Isoaimo were present to witness the launching of the 2013-2017 district development plan and the opening of the Inland Baining LLG Chamber.


During the launching Minister Abel told the huge crowd that the country needs to strategically plan for all sectors in order to really impact the people at the village or ward levels who needs the government services.


Mr. Abel said in order for the country to experience accelerated growth and development in their lives, the country needs to work smarter and be able to be a par with the world, and can be leaders in the world which is enshrined in the country’s Vision 2050.


He said provinces such as East New Britain already know what to do as indicated in their lives, in which such province was already way ahead in terms of implementation of such projects and programs and the rest of the provinces in PNG had to follow likewise.


Minister Abel said agriculture cannot be neglected but should instead be complemented with funding derived from the oil, gas and mining sectors.


Hon. Charles Abel stressed that tourism and agriculture as well as fisheries had an abundance of revenue generating potential and should be entwined with revenues generated from the giant LNG project and propel PNG to world standards and that PNG can be leaders in those industries if our plans are strategic and smartly refined towards prosperity as indicated in the country’s Vision 2050.  


Gazelle MP Malakai Tabar said the plan targets the socio-economic development potential to be progressive, vibrant and dynamic for the next five years and beyond, which can be assimilated to the district’s “take-off-period”.


“The issues and needs of each community are catered in this plan, which were identified through a consultative process by which all five (5) plans are accommodated.


Gazelle district administrator Ronal Midy said the plan provides insights into responses of Gazelle to the increasing challenges of development, and outlines what it will take to succeed, and the expected outcomes in delivering efficient developments for the pro-poor.


Mr. Midy said the development plan is premised on the principles of accountability, equality, credibility, integrity and effective resource utilization.  


The plan outlines a massive K640 million resource envelop, the break up is as follows;



1.    New Britain Highway Project = K300 million


2.    Kerevat Town Development Project = K50 million


3.    Bridges/Jetties Program  = K100 million


4.    Lassul/Mandress Road Rehabilitation  = K40 million


5.    Gazelle Alternate Airport Project   = K20 million


6.    Toriu Hydro Development Project = K20 million


7.    Rural Electrification Program  = K8 million


8.    Health Improvement Program = K7 million


9.    Education Improvement Program  = K5 million


10.Cocoa Rehabilitation Program    = K3million




Meanwhile, Minister Abel also opened the Inland Baining LLG Chamber. The building was funded under DSIP under the capacity building program worth K4 million.



Minister Abel said there is already an increase in funding of LLGSIP and the Chamber will be use by all LLG presidents and Managers to make decisions on impact projects and programs that will directly benefit the local Baining people of Gazelle district.


It took the district two years to successfully complete the Chamber.


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