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Relief Supplies to drought stricken villages in Middle Fly


RELIEF SUPPLIES for people affected by the frost and prolonged drought in the Middle Fly district, Western province have been successfully distributed last week.


The people of Middle Fly especially villages and communities living on the remotes areas inaccessible by road and waterways who have been in starvation for prolong period due to continuous El Nino that stricken them off finally received their much needed basic food rations.


The first batch of relief supplies where the funds made available from the National Government through the office of Prime Minister and the National Executive Council of K400, 000 for relief supplies for the affected people.


It was a surprise visit when the local MP Roy Biyama and the five LLG Presidents in the electorate have charted a plane to ferry disaster relief supplies from Mt Hagen, Western Highlands province.


More than 2,000 bags of rice including tinned fish, Maggie noodles, coffee, sugar and tea bag cartons which would supplement their diet were distributed fairly to affected communities and villages.  


Biyama said he used his District Services Improvement Program (DSIP) funds to purchase other complementary food rations such as maggie noodles, tinned fish, coffee and others to ensure his people are well fed.


Biyama stressed that the relief supplies could have been purchased and distributed last year, however it has been delayed due to slow process in the facilitation of DSIP funds.


The main distribution centers for the food supplies of the affected areas of Gogodala and Bamu LLGs were at Kawito and Kamusi using water transport and dispatched to remote communities inaccessible by road using chopper, chartered by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.


The communities include Samakopa, Lake Cambell, Wawoi falls, Musula which is situated in the border of Southern Highlands and Western provinces and Aivaro village located at the tip of Gulf and Western provinces.


For Nomad LLG, food rations were dropped off at Nomad station, Mougulu, Suwapi, Puma, Hesalabi and Abi airstrips for further distributions using chopper to surrounding communities because there are inaccessible by road and it takes days to reach.


Relief supplies for Lake Murray have been dispatched to Boboa, Aiambak and Obo stations for further distributions to communities using water transport.


Next lot of relief supplies purchased through DSIP and Prime Minister’s other commitment of K200,000 are on the way using RH boat destine for Kamusi, these food rations will be dispatched to Bamu, Gogodala and Lake Murray LLGs through river system.


Relief supplies for Nomad LLG will be flown in from Kamusi using fix wing Aircraft chartered by the district.  


Biyama said he will continue to dispatch relief food supplies to affected villages as far as Musula which is in the Southern Highlands province.


It is anticipated that by April, food shall reach the entire 60,000 plus people.



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