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Welcome to the Department of Implementation & Rural Development website.
The Marape-Davis Government is committed to the development of Papua New Guinea and to improve service delivery for the people. 
Information is a critical resource for the 21st Century. It is important for the Government to spell out its plans so that everyone can see what it is doing, and for the people to engage with Government.

The Department of Implementation and Rural Development has an important role to play in ensuring the Government’s goals are interpreted, and I commend the Department for developing this new website to communicate directly to the people of Papua New Guinea on its activities basically for the facilitation and implementation of Provincial Services Improvement Program, District Services Improvement Program and Ward Services Improvement Program (PSIP, DSIP & WSIP), Provincial and District Support Grants and Micro Public Investment Program (PIP).

On behalf of the Ministry for Rural Development, I invite you all to successfully implement SIP (PSIP, DSIP & WSIP) programs and other strategic interventions of the government and be up-dated with reports, information and many other interesting events that this department will be undertaking through the year.

Welcome all to the new Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) Website.

The Department of Implementation and Rural Development has a very important role to play in facilitating Provincial Services Improvement Program (PSIP) and District Services Improvement Program (DSIP) or service improvement program (SIP) to deliver improved goods and services to Provinces, Districts and LLGs throughout the country.

The primary objective of the SIP is to provide minimum service delivery standards through re-establishment of basic infrastructure and facilities, including socio-economic activities for essential services such as health, education, law and justice, quality water and sanitation, transport (air, sea and land), communication and rural electrification. 

 The website created will enable every citizens to access district reports and track expenditure of funds earmarked for their provinces and districts under the SIP. It will avail information of SIP acquittal reports for public consumption, for the purpose of accountability and transparency in view of persistent unbalanced people’s perceptions at the present. It will also improve the awareness of the Administrative Guidelines and Financial Instructions for programs under PSIP and DSIP to the general public.
When will the National Department release SIP funds?

DIRD only administers the SIP Program, this includes, monitoring & inspection of projects, appraising of acquittals and reports, etc. The SIP funds are released only by the, Department of Finance upon approval and availability of funds from the National Government.

How do we know if our projects implemented are in line with the DIRD SIP Administrative Guideline?

Upon monitoring & physical Inspection of the projects DIRD Project Officers will verify if both the financial and physical aspect of the project implemented is either in line with Administration guideline and Financial Instruction.

Does DIRD fund Micro PIP projects?

DIRD only receives Micro PIP project proposals worth between 300,000 – 10,000 000 through our PIP Division and then appraise the project proposals then submit the documents to the Department of National Planning & Monitoring, Department of Treasury and relevant line agencies for further appraising & appropriation of funds.

Why doesn’t DIRD carryout project monitoring & inspections at quarterly or half yearly basis at the Provinces, districts & LLGs?

Although visits to Provinces, Districts & LLGs for Monitoring & Inspection of SIP projects are scheduled at least for twice a year, travels depend entirely on the availability of funds.

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